Setting up an Appointment

Just let us know which practitioner you'd like to see (No preference if you don't have anyone in particular in mind.

Dr. Dongxun Zhang (works Mon, Wed, Thur) $130 acup, $80 consult, $50 Phone consult

Dr. Bob Zhang (works Mon, Tue, Wed, & Fri afternoon) $90 acup, $65 Z-acupuressure, $35 b.e.s.t.

Dr. Li temporarily on maternity leave $90 acup

Dr. May-Er Chen (works on Tue, Fri) $90 acup

Let us know what service you want to setup an appointment for. 

Give us a desired date and time for you appointment. We will do our best to fit you into that time slot but if its unavailable we will get back to you via email to find a time that works. 

Thanks! Message sent.