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Is Modern Medicine Failing Us?

Although modern medicine has come to the rescue of many,  according to the National Health Council (NHC), chronic diseases affect approximately 33 million Americans. This equates to one third of all Americans suffering from at least one chronic illness and many from multiple conditions. It’s estimated that these numbers will increase  to 157 million Americans who have a complex illness and more than half of these suffering from multiple chronic conditions.

Primordial Medicine Within™


“Designed to help heal many of the health problems that
modern medicine has not been able to solve”

– Dr. Dongxun Zhang 

PRIMORDIAL MEDICINE WITHIN™, developed by award-winning physician of Oriental medicine and Qi Gong Master, Dr. Dongxun Zhang of Austin, Texas, taps into the innate ability of our cells to grow, heal, and maintain themselves. You can learn to access and direct this original, profound medicine for self-healing.

All living things have a hidden power within their cells; an original healing energy or medicine.This original primordial medicine is built within the DNA. Humans have gravitated toward using external medicine more and more; forgetting the natural connection to their own internal medicine. If left unused, the built in natural function of using the original medicine in our DNA turns off; becomes dormant. However, we can learn how to turn this function back on.

Primordial Medicine Within™ (PMW)  states that our own cells can create the medicine we need from our DNA. We want to unlock the natural medicine inside our cells. Primordial Medicine Within™  gives you the key to unlock the ‘REMEDY’ already built in, within your own cells, pre-installed at birth. 

We can learn how to unlock and direct this medicine to where it is needed in our body. Primordial Medicine Within™ teaches us how to do this. Specific protocols, using intentional self-directed healing techniques, have been developed for each health problem. PMW gives you the exact method needed for healing. PMW gives you the exact method needed to help you heal yourself.

This round was better! After taking PMW for Chemotherapy Relief,
my energy bounced back much more quickly. I didn’t have the nausea and digestive/eliminative issues that experienced after the first Chemo session.
I slept twelve hours and woke up feeling 75% like myself
(as opposed 25% myself the last time). Amazing!

A. P., Austin, TX

Our PMW programs currently address
the following health issues:

Contact one of our Certified Primordial Medicine Within™ Self Healing Facilitators

Click on the individual Health issues to learn more about each one.

Contact one of our Certified Primordial Medicine Within™ Self Healing Facilitators

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