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Primordial Medicine Within™ Pain Relief

We could describe pain as, “The physical feeling caused by disease, injury or something that hurts the body.” Pain can result from injury or trauma. Pain can also arise from worries and fears that  cause stress and imbalances that block the flow of energy or qi, in the meridians or energy pathways of the body.


How does pain impact your life? It can lead to:

  • Restricted Movement

  • Lack of Exercise

  • Weight Gain

  • Irritability

  • Tiredness

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Relationships Challenges

  • Low Productivity


When pain is relieved we can:

  • Feel healthier and happier. 

  • Enjoy sports, hiking, and our favorite exercise.

  • Spend more quality time with our families and friends. 

  • Be more productive at work. 

  • Sleep better.

  • Live the life that we imagined!


Many people today take pain medications. Unfortunately these can come with harmful side effects. Primordial Medicine Within™ Pain Relief, teaches a  self-healing program which includes techniques that teach the brain to relieve pain, naturally, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.


Practitioners have benefited from this program by: 

  • Reducing the amount of painkilling drugs needed. 

  • Eliminating painkilling drugs altogether. 

  • Easier and deeper sleep because of less pain or no pain.

  • Less stress.


What is Primordial Medicine Within™

Primordial Medicine is the remedy or medicine, already built into our body when we

were born. It is the ‘mother medicine’, the gift from the creator. It is pre-installed into

every cell in the body. All bodies, even animals, have the function to self-healing

and self-repair. When we get a wound, it fixes itself. The animals can survive very

easily without medications or medical care. For humans. If they do not use the self-

healing function very often, it gets degenerated and weakened, especially for those

who rely on drugs for a long time. Their function is weaker.


However, even though the primordial medicine function has degenerated it can be

strengthened and switched back on. Degeneration can occur not only from lack of

use of the function, but also from, e.g., overuse of medication, pollution from the air,

water, and food.


The Program

This self- healing training program consists of 3 classes lasting about 1 to 1.25 hours.


Classes are held online.


The program includes:

1. Theory of Primordial Medicine Within™

2. Intentional self-healing mental techniques, Purpose:

  • To turn on the ‘Medicine Within’ for healing.

Contact one of our Certified Primordial Medicine Within™ Self Healing Facilitators

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