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Coffee Plus+

In 1989, Dr. Zhang, an experienced Chinese herbalist came to the United States. He was an avid tea drinker and when he experienced the rich taste of fine coffee instantly developed a love for it. His passion and enjoyment of coffee has continued to grow over the years. Yet at the same time he felt the coffee experience is incomplete. Sometimes non home brewed coffee tasted bitter and quickly became stale. Sugar, cream and other flavors changed the original flavor of the coffee too much. Also he noticed some unpleasant discomforts that are linked with the consumption of coffee. Although he drank moderately yet he would experience heartburn or discomfort in the stomach. At other times there also would be feelings of heart irregularity and irritability. After mentioning it to some of his friends, it seemed that he was not alone in these complaints. They agreed that they too had similar reactions to drinking coffee and sometimes these seem to get worse as time went on. Dr. Zhang wanted to find a way to eliminate these discomforts associated with coffee drinking, so that he could enjoy this basic pleasure with a peace of mind. With vast knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine and herbs he began  experimenting with varies herbal supplements that can help eliminate some of the common discomforts associated with drinking coffee but not affect the taste he so enjoyed. Coffee Plus     is a combination of a variety of herbs working in harmony to balance and enrich taste, reduce bitterness, while acting as a tonic for the body and help to reduce some of the unpleasant side effects of coffee.

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