Jin Gui Golden Shield Qi Gong

What is Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong? 

Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong is a rare "Temple Style" of Qi Gong. It is a remarkable internal energy system designed to achieve "Super Health" by developing the human energy body very quickly. The key focus is on development of higher human potential, health and longevity. The training removes stagnations within the meridian system, detoxifies chemical and emotional imbalances, strengthens the immune system, increases bone mass, enhances the body's communication system, and activates the human body-mind potential. Practitioners feel that their energy becomes more vital and youthful through Golden Shield Qi Gong training and practice. 

For all levels, the training entails two classes per month, plus an additional 45 minutes -3 hours (depending on the training) of self initiated training per week. Each training level is also accompanied by external or internal herbal formulas that have been passed down with each generation of practitioners. 

In each level we gently ask the body to grow by introducing progressively challenging physical stimulation. The body's responds is an enhancing of overall energy production, storage and circulation. Each level of training also includes moving and sitting meditations to compliment the physical training and enhance mind/body/energy connection. The result is the transformation of the entire energetic system and greatly enhanced levels of health.


Jingui Qi Gong is currently taught in 17 different cities throughout the US and Canada.


Locations include:


           Stephanie Ryan - phone: 480.273.1125   email: stephiehike@hotmail.com
           Ellen Genarro - phone: 516.410.0287   
BC, Canada
      Salt Springs Island / Victoria - Web Site
           Rudy Hexter - phone: 250.538.5563   email: truetreasures33@gmail.com 
      Corte Madera/Marin - Web Site
           Darren Huckle - phone: 831.334.5177    email: qihuck@yahoo.com
      Santa Cruz 
           Darren Huckle - phone: 831.334.5177    email: rootsofwellness@gmail.com
      Boulder - Web Site
          David Moore - phone: 303.917.3318    email: davidmoore91@gmail.com
           Mary Ida Adams - phone: 641-980-8017   email: miacloudlake@gmail.com 
      Iowa City - Web Site
           Mary Ida Adams - phone: 641-980-8017   email: miacloudlake@gmail.com 
      Austin - Web Site
           Tim Chrisco - phone: 512.537.3365    email: timchrisco@gmail.com
      Austin - Web Site
           Stephen Andrews - phone: 512.468.0899
                        email: morningsunacupuncture@gmail.com
      Austin - Web Site
           Teresa and Ed Frease - phone: 512.954.1194 
                        email: intendedmedicine@gmail.com
      Austin - 
           Eddie Painter - phone: 512.497.8088    email: epainter4@gmail.com
           Lee Wilson - phone: 512.914.4267    email: leewils@us.ibm.com
           Pat Riker - phone: 512.847.3701    email: pgriker@austin.rr.com
      Bellingham - Web Site
           Matthew Van Dyke - phone: 360-466-1800   email: Matt@SkagitAcupuncture.comWisconsin 
          Jonathan Ferris - phone: 414.721.6964    email: ferrislac@gmail.com