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Mao Jian Special Select:

About: Mao Jiao as a variety is considered top 10 of the country. Mention first in the year 750-780 CE in the “Book of Tea” during the Tang Dynasty.

Taste: Strong aroma, with pronounced flavors that is not overwhelming. Slight nuttiness with a hint of bitterness and a sweet finish. One of the most balanced taste for green tea varieties. Easy choice for beginners and connoisseurs alike.


Mountain Mist Tea:

About: Mountain mist tea is very high grade early tea. Early teas are picked very early in the tea gathering season while the tea leaves are still buds. As a result this type of tea has very low yield and is usually very sought after. 

Taste: Rich taste with very subtle flavors. The tenderness of the leaves shine through. This is a tea that usually requires some sophistication in tea tasting. 

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