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“Primordial Medicine Within™ helped my digestion return to normal after a round of antibiotics had knocked it out of Synch."

Mark. T., TX

Primordial MEDICINE WITHIN™ Constipation Relief

Constipation is a very common problem. Often people with constipation have a busy mind (constant thoughts), stress and worry in their life or work, and they can have poor sleep.

Constipation can also be caused by not eating enough fruits and vegetables, or by not having enough physical activity. For the last fifty to eighty years, there have been many changes to the environment, for example, increased pollution, pesticides on our food, and a multitude of chemical toxins in the air. The human nervous system is not evolving fast enough to be able to adapt  to all the rapid changes in our environment. This can totally overwhelm the body. It can cause insomnia and stress. Insomnia and stress create imbalances in the nervous system and the chemical hormones in the body. The chemical produced from this nervousness can cause non bacterial inflammation. This can develop into constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)), Crohn's disease, celiac disease, and diverticulosis.


For the last hundred years, these kinds of diseases have become more and more prevalent. This is because of our rapidly changing environment putting the autonomic and parasympathetic nervous systems under stress.

There isn’t an effective medicine for constipation. Some medicine can help temporarily, but it does not cure it. There can be problems or side effects, so it does not work very well. Even the use of herbal medicine for too long does not work well. 


What is Primordial Medicine Within™

Primordial Medicine is the remedy or medicine, already built into your body when you were born. It is the ‘mother medicine’, the gift from the creator. It is pre-installed into every cell in the body. All bodies, even animals, have the function of self-healing and self-repair. When we get a wound, it fixes itself. The animals can survive very easily without medications or medical care.


For humans, if we do not use the self-healing function very often, it gets degenerated and weakened, especially for those who rely on drugs for a long time. Their function is weaker.However, even though the primordial medicine function has degenerated it can be strengthened and switched back on. Degeneration can occur not only from lack of use of the function, but also from, e.g., overuse of medication and pollution from the air, water, and food.

The Program

The self- healing training program for Constipation Relief consists of 3 classes lasting about 1 to 1.25 hours.


Classes are held online.


The program includes:

​1. Theory of Primordial Medicine Within™

2. Self-Healing Mental Techniques, Purpose:

  • To turn on the ‘medicine within’ for healing.

  • To bring relief from stress and anxiety.

  • A powerful mental technique designed to make the DNA more effective at accomplishing what you design with the mind.

  • Intentional self-healing mental techniques designed to have the mind communicate with the DNA, to alter the chemistry and to regulate the muscles and tissues of the digestive system and colon.

  • Energy/chi activation of the digestive system and colon. 

3. Special qigong movements, exercises, and techniques to create good circulation and flow in the digestive system and prevent stagnation in the colon.

Contact one of our Certified Primordial Medicine Within™ Self Healing Facilitators

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