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It took 6 months to kick in but, starting this January, I no longer have to get up at night and go to the bathroom.  Previously, I had to urinate 1-3 times a night.  Another bonus from the practice is greatly improved strength of my lumbar muscle. Wowie! Let me know if there are any new practices that may benefit me.  Thanks.

Jeff W., CA

Primordial Medicine Within™ Strong Kidneys

The Primordial Medicine Within™ program is designed for people with CKD (chronic kidney disease), but also for people who have some weakness in their kidneys and want to strengthen them for better function now, and to help avoid serious problems in the future.

Western and Chinese medicine do not have a good solution for kidney disease. We need a new solution for kidney failure. We feel that solution is Primordial Medicine Within™.

CKD is a very common disease and harmful to humans. Many people rely on kidney dialysis for their whole life. When you have this disease there is no obvious discomfort, so it’s not easy to find it on time.

In the USA there are about 37 million people with CKD. Ten percent of adults have this problem, one in seven. Many people don’t know they have it. The CDC (center for disease control) says CKD is one of the top 10 killers in the USA, before breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Usually in the early stage of CKD, you do not feel any symptoms, or you have symptoms you do not connect with kidney disease such as edema. Edema can be in both feet, legs, lower legs or even in the face. Edema in the face is a sign of acute kidney infection. Both legs are very weak, you feel you can’t walk, or go upstairs easily. Urination can be in smaller amounts and reduced significantly. You can see bubbles in the toilet when you urinate. Poor appetite is another symptom.  Your appetite gets poorer, and you can have nausea. When the BUN and Creatine is too high, your mouth can taste  like ammonia solution.


What is Primordial Medicine Within™

Primordial Medicine is the remedy or medicine, already built into our body when we were born. It is the ‘Mother Medicine”, the gift from the creator. It is pre-installed into every cell in the body. All bodies, even animals, have the function of self-healing and self-repair. When we get a wound, it fixes itself. The animals can survive very easily without medications or medical care. For humans. If they do not use the self-healing function very often, it gets degenerated and weakened, especially for those who rely on drugs for a long time. Their function is weaker.

However, even though the primordial medicine function has degenerated it can be strengthened and switched back on. Degeneration can occur not only from lack of use of the function, but also from, e.g., overuse of medication, pollution from the air, water, and food.


A 64 yr old woman with stage 3 CKD regains normal function


In the following video interview, about 9 minutes into the video, Teresa Mullan Frease talks about Primordial medicine Within™ and the woman who did not realize there was anything wrong with her kidneys until she went for a medical exam. She discovered she had stage 3 chronic kidney disease. Doctors normally believe that this is not reversible, however, after only 2 months of the Primordial Medicine Within™ practice for strong kidneys, her function came back to almost normal for her age.


Click on the link to hear more.


The Program

This self- healing training program consists of 4 classes lasting about 1 to 1.25 hours.


Classes are held online.

The program includes:

1. Theory of Primordial Medicine Within™

2. Etiology and pathology of CKD.

3. Stages of CKD.

4. Mental self-directed healing practices designed to:

  • Energize, revitalize, and strengthen the kidneys.

  • Teach you how to draw from nature’s energy sources, to feed and nourish the kidneys.

  • Help heal the damaged kidney cells.

  • Encourage healthy development of the new kidney cells.

  • Improve the kidney's ability to filter the waste and toxins from the blood.

  • To help Increase the eGFR (Glomerular filtration rate).

  • To maximize overall kidney function.

5. Specific Self-Healing Physical /Energetic Techniques that stimulate and activate the energy in the kidney meridians to help the kidneys recover.

Contact one of our Certified Primordial Medicine Within™ Self Healing Facilitators

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