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Traditional Herbal Capsules

Chinese Herbal Supplements
 $30-34 a bottle (100 capsules) unless indicated otherwise. 
​Drinking Buddy: 

Cheers! This formula can protect your liver while eliminating unpleasant side effects of alcohol such as hangovers and dizziness.


Austin is not only the live music capital of the world, but also the allergy capital. Common allergy medications can just alleviate the symptoms temporarily. Give your sinuses a break with our Allergy capsules, and skip the side effects of drugs.​


Bloating is a common sign of poor digestion. Bloating capsules can help digestion and reduce bloating. Stronger digestion can also help reduce dampness and help in losing weight.

​Constipation Relief:

As the name indicates, this formula is made to deal with the common problem of constipation. There are many causes of constipation. This formula does not have strong purging properties but rather moistens the intestines and strengthens digestion.


High cholesterol levels are linked with serious heart problems. Yet reducing it with medication can also lead to dangers side effects. A healthy life style is a must. But if you are still not getting the result you want. De-cholesterol is a formula of all natural herbs that have been used in Asia for centuries that can help you reduce cholesterol levels safely.

​Double Trouble: 

Boosts male sexual functions.

​Double Happiness: 

Boosts female sexual functions.

Emotional Wellbeing:

During times of intense work schedule, lack of proper rest a person’s body chemistry can be thrown off balance. There can be mood swings, irritability, poor memory, restlessness. Women going through menopause or teens can also have similar symptoms due to hormone imbalance.   Emotional Wellbeing can help relax the mind and bring balance to the emotions.

Energy Booster:

Having trouble making it through the afternoon at work? Memory not as sharp as it used to be? Instead of chugging more coffee or soda, try this. Energy Booster is an all-natural blend that will help you seize the day.

​Vision and Hair:

For hair loss and decreased vision. It can also be good for graying hair, frequent urination at night, dry eyes. This formula improves kidney and liver meridian Qi with focus on vision and hair health.

​Heavy Metal:

Helps to decrease the amount of heavy metal in the body.

​Kidney Tonic:

A gentle tonic for boosting kidney meridian function. Not as powerful as Double Trouble or as specific as Hair and Vision, but more suitable for long term consumption. This formula slowly builds your health foundation from the ground up. Contains herbs that can be helpful with cold limbs, weak joints, excessive sweating, poor memory, chronic fatigue, dryness, irritability and weak sexual functions. 

​Muscle Tension:

Muscle stress is a very common problem. People who sit or work on their feet can develop stiffness, tension and pain at neck, shoulder, back and feet.  Muscle Tension formula can relax the muscle and promote circulation preventing further tightness development.

​No Sweat:

For abnormal amount of sweating without much exertion or spontaneous sweating. It can be sweating in a specific area such as hands or all over the body.​​


Going on a trip? Did you know that the stress of travel plus poor sleep can lower your immunity and leave you vulnerable to flu and cold viruses? Prevent contains several all natural herbs that have known properties of controlling viruses and can boost you immunity.  Such as Isatis Leaf and root which during the SARS breakout in China was sold out in most herb stores and increased as much as 20 times its original price.

Radiation Shield:

We are constantly exposed to radiation from unnatural sources in our daily lives, Computers, microwave ovens, TV, phones, security checks, x-rays, radiation therapies, etc. This is on top of natural radiation from the earth and cosmic sources. These seemingly harmless dosages do have a noticeable effect on our health. They can damage your cells and body fluid. You may experience dry mouth, eyes, skin, foggy mind, fatigue, irritability. Studies have shown prolonged exposure to radiation can even lead to cancer. Protect yourself with all natural Radiation formula that can aid cell repair and replenish body fluid. 

Red Dragon:

A regular and healthy menstrual cycle is essential to good health for a woman. Red Dragon is formulated to regulate the menstrual cycle and various symptoms such as PMS. It also helps to replenish blood and qi which is lost during menstruation according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Soothing Liquid: 

The same great herb as the soothing powder, but now in an even more convenient form. Carrying it around is easy and no mixing is needed.

​Soothing Powder: 

Made with gentle herbs, this powder can help soothe muscle and joint pain due to injury. It also works well for easing pain and inflammation due to stings and bites from insects such as fire ants, bees, mosquitoes and other common critters. A must for nature lovers!

​Sunny day:

Many reasons may lead to feelings of fatigue, depression, lack of motivation such as long periods of overwork, lack of quality sleep, stress, and hormone imbalance. Sunny Day can help you ease the blues and bring some balance back to your life.​

​Blood Sugar Balance:

Helps Improve body sugar regulation.  Very handy with today’s sugar rich food choices.​

​Weight Loss Support:

Many people who have spleen deficiency or slow metabolism whether from hormonal imbalance or stress can have trouble losing weight even with diet and exercise. Weight loss support helps digestion, promotes healthy metabolism so you can lose weight naturally without exerting too much stress on the body.

​Winter Sun:

Formula created to address stress caused deficiencies such as fatigue, low body temperature, cold hands and feet, fragile hair and poor memory.  This formula does not use herbs to address each symptom individually but is an overall boost to the spleen, kidney meridians and the constitution. So the benefits are not temporary but a more permanent solution. It can be taken long term without any significant side effects.


The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The efficacy of this product has not been confirmed by research and traditional use does not establish that the product will achieve the same results.

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