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Primordial Medicine Within™ holds that all cancer cells get produced from an imbalance in the internal environment of the body.  According to Chinese medicine this imbalance in the internal: environment can be due to a blockage, stagnation, stasis of qi, or aging. The energy drops so that the gene cannot reproduce correctly.


An internal environment disorder can come from a disorder of hormones. This is caused by stress. Too much stress throws off hormonal balance.  Hormonal imbalance can also come from: hormones in food, cosmetics, pesticides, and plastics. All of these create imbalances in the internal environment and change the cells. Emotional problems, chemical radiation and lack of movement also affect the internal environment. 


There are currently many exercises for the physical body but not many for the breasts. That is why women can have stagnations there. Women Tai Chi practitioners do movements that help circulation in the breast area, so they often do not get breast cancer. They do not have stagnations or cysts there. Primordial Medicine Within™ includes special techniques and exercises designed to oxygenate and create circulation in the breast area. It includes methods designed to decrease the risk of cancer occurring, and to decrease the risk of recurrence of cancer that  has happened in the past.


What is Primordial Medicine Within™

Primordial Medicine is the remedy or medicine, already built into our body when we were born. It is the ‘mother medicine’, the gift from the creator. It is pre-installed into every cell in the body. All bodies, even animals, have the function of self-healing and self-repair. When we get a wound, it fixes itself. The animals can survive very easily without medications or medical care. For humans. If they do not use the self-healing function very often, it gets degenerated and weakened, especially for those who rely on drugs for a long time. Their function is weaker.


However, even though the primordial medicine function has degenerated it can be strengthened and switched back on. Degeneration can occur not only from lack of use of the function, but also from, e.g., overuse of medication, pollution from the air, water,
and food.

The Program

The self- healing training program for Breast Health consists of 4 classes lasting about 1 to 1.25 hours. 


Classes are held online over google meet.


The program includes:

1. Theory of Primordial Medicine Within™

2. Self-Healing Mental Techniques, Purpose:

  • To turn on the ‘Medicine Within’ for healing.

  • To produce good hormones right away, more than usual. These are the hormones the body needs.

  • To make the cells of the body link together and stay in line, to help destroy any unwanted cells.

  • To help prevent occurrence or recurrence of cancer.

3. Special breathing techniques to oxygenate and create circulation in the breast area.

Special qigong movements, exercises and techniques to create good circulation and prevent stagnation in the breasts.

Contact one of our Certified Primordial Medicine Within™ Self Healing Facilitators

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