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Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas for all Seasons

Spring Tonic Tea

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. The metabolism of our bodies is quicker and with it more toxins also accumulate quickly. In Chinese medicine this is a time of excessive liver activity. Symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, poor sleep, and vulnerability to cold, cough and skin issues are common. De-tox and boost your immunity with Spring Tonic.

Summer Tonic Tea

Summer is a season during which people can easily be drained of heart energy which can lead to vulnerability to dizziness and heat stroke. Also in the summer people like to consume large amount of cold and raw foods which can lead to various stomach and digestive problems.  Summer tonic can boost heart qi and harmonize the stomach.

Autumn Tonic Tea

The temperature is starting to get cool in the fall. Yet the weather is inconsistent, sometimes warm sometimes cool again. Sudden changes such as these can really strain the lungs, causing dry throat, cough, and breathing difficulties. In Chinese medicine lung weakness can also lead to dry skin and other skin disorders. Autumn tonic focuses on moistening and nourishing the lungs and protecting the skin.

Winter Tonic Tea

During the cold winter season it is the best time to tonify the kidneys which are considered the roots of the body by traditional Chinese medicine. Strengthening the kidneys can help enhance memory and also sexual functions. Low kidney energy can lead to weakness and aches of the lower back, knees, lower immunity and mental acuity. Winter tonic not only boosts kidney functions but increases the efficiency of your immune systems to help you build up and prepare yourself for the upcoming spring season when many diseases are at high levels

Kidney Tonic:

A gentle tonic for boosting kidney meridian function. Not as powerful as Double Trouble or as specific as Hair and Vision, but more suitable for long term consumption. This formula slowly builds your health foundation from the ground up. Contains herbs that can be helpful with cold limbs, weak joints, excessive sweating, poor memory, chronic fatigue, dryness, irritability and weak sexual functions. 

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